TFA Graduate Fellows Program

Cohort 2

Charlotte Arrowsmith

Charlotte's project focuses on bettering access to mental health services for youth in the Mississippi Delta. Charlotte believes whether it is a quality education, or treatment services for mental illness,  that a person’s zip code should not prevent them from access. Charlotte would like to implement an out-patient program for teens suffering with mental health issues in the Mississippi Delta.

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Catie Denham

Catie’s project, Restor[ED], centers around restorative discipline practices and peer mediation. She hopes to create a restorative justice curriculum and training program for teachers. Restorative justice has been shown to dramatically decrease behavior problems, and increase students' abilities to feel empathy and correct problematic actions. 

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Leigh Hill

Leigh's project focuses on helping get teachers ready and prepared to be in and stay in the classroom. Leigh is calling it the Teacher Collaborative of Mississippi, or TCOM. She believes that Mississippi has a rich depth of teacher knowledge and teacher passion and she desires to bring teachers together in order to collaborate, learn from each other, and work with administrations and districts to make schools the best places for kids.

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Lucas Rapisarda

Lucas is the Director of Operations at the Rosedale Freedom Project (RFP), a youth leadership organization that is committed to preparing young people to excel academically, socially, and mentally. Essentially, the RFP is a place where students can find their voice through academic enrichment, arts, and travel opportunities that help students contextualize their story and fight for a proverbial seat at the table of racial, social, and gender equality. Lucas is actively working to enhance the science opportunities for RFP students. 

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AK Suggs

AK’s project “Rising Warriors” aims to prepare young girls for their future in high school athletics by providing the opportunity to try new sports, learn the fundamentals of being a female athlete, and encouraging them to try new things. Her mission is to provide the opportunity to play sports to as many young girls as possible throughout the Quitman County community. With administrative and community support, AK hopes to establish a sustainable program that will continue to serve the area for years to come. 

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Alexis Williams

Alexis' project focuses on increasing Delta students’ exposure to literature by revitalizing public libraries and organizing individual student libraries. Her goal is to provide access to a variety of literature to Delta students through ongoing book drives and the establishment of pop-up bookshops.

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