TFA Graduate Fellows Program

Cohort 2

JJ Townsend

Master of Education in Educational Administration & Supervision

JJ is most alive when creating projects that connect people to their local government, advocate for schools, encourage empathy for the natural world, and amplify the voice of the oppressed.

JJ is the Founder and CEO of, a Jackson-based crowdfunding platform for civic projects. The nonprofit makes ideas accessible and sparks action by connecting community projects to grant-makers, businesses, and people who want to fund them. He is always looking for ways to give people power and opportunities and has a keen eye for projects that push the boundaries or make a big impact in communities.

Citizenville also organizes JXN Gumbo, a micro-granting dinner where neighbors talk about the city and vote on community project ideas to make it better. The platform is helping to deliver a diverse mix of projects across the Mississippi - from a homeless assistance "pop-up" to an education currency that incentives good behavior and academics.

A Teach for America alumni, he taught 5th grade in Jackson Public Schools where he secured more than $10,000 in grant funds and served as a lead teacher in writing instruction. He is currently a coding & entrepreneurship teacher at Midtown Public Charter School.

Fun Fact: JJ is a Bob Dylan aficionado.