TFA Graduate Fellows Program

Cohort 2

Latasha Capers

Master of Education in Elementary Education


Latasha was born and raised in New York, NY. She is the youngest of five children and the first to graduate from a four year institution. She received her Bachelor’s of Science from Albright College, in Reading, PA. Her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Business has lead her to have a diverse work experience. Latasha was a Social Worker and Counselor before she transitioned to the classroom. It was during her time as a Social Worker, that she became passionate about education. Viewing the injustices, firsthand, that those who lacked adequate education and held limited resources faced, she realized that education was the key to equality.

She has worked in Early Childhood for many years and was the Director of an Early Childhood Education Center in New York, before her passion for the classroom reemerged. This desire lead her to Teach For America where she served her two years in rural Mississippi. She continues to teach in the Delta and has grown to love Mississippi as her home.

Her love for early childhood education and the Delta was the greatest influencer on her project. Her social entrepreneurship project focuses on bridging the literacy gap in lower elementary aged students. She plans to create a program that will equip struggling students with the skills to help bridge this gap. This program will provide intense interventions geared towards building phonemic awareness and decoding skills. It is her belief that all students can achieve at high levels if given the tools to help them succeed.

Fun Fact: Latasha loves to travel but secretly hates to fly!


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
— Theodore Roosevelt