TFA Graduate Fellows Program


Kandace Stevenson

Master of Science in Community Development & Social Justice and Criminology


Purpose Statement: As a strong youth advocate she finds much joy in bringing happiness to the hearts, minds, and souls of children. Kandace strives every day to improve the idea of life and expectations to the children and youth she encounters on a daily basis.

Kandace (Lewis) Stevenson was born and raised in Greenville, MS. She is a proud member of the Mississippi Delta community. Kandace graduated from Spelman College in three years as a member of the class of 2014. After college she joined Teach For America, she taught at Greenville High School as an Algebra 1 instructor and Carrie Stern Elementary as a 4th grade math and social studies instructor. She currently is in her fourth year of teaching; where she has ventured out of the general education classroom to now being the Gifted teacher at T.R. Sanders Elementary in Hollandale, MS. Nevertheless, Kandace has great plans for her community beyond the classroom and plans to use this opportunity as a gateway to improving the Greenville, MS area.

Her social entrepreneurship projects focuses on the betterment of youth with a strong focus on youth with juvenile delinquency history. Kandace is currently working multiple community groups to provide opportunities for the youth of Mississippi Delta with a strong focus in Greenville,MS. Kandace believes that with opporunity comes hope and with hope come a chance for a brighter future for the next generation. Kandace is striving to be an active change agent in her community. Her goal is to one day create a group home for troubled youth as a trade off to being sent to the juvenile detention center. Kandace believes that many issues of delinquency and criminal acts begin in the heart of a child and if we can re-frame that desire to do wrong into doing for others in a positive outlook, then the future generation will be a more productive grade of citizens.

Fun Fact: Kandace is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

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