TFA Graduate Fellows Program


Jeremiah Smith


Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Purpose Statement: Jeremiah Smith is an educator and critical thinker, dedicated to understanding and deconstructing power through studies, teaching, writing, and community organizing. 

Jeremiah is from Williamsburg, VA, and graduated from James Madison University in 2012. After teaching at the high school in Rosedale, Jeremiah worked with Rosedale’s students, parents, and community members, as well as the team at the Sunflower County Freedom Project to open a new Freedom Project in Rosedale. Serving students in middle and high school, the Rosedale Freedom Project is ultimately a leadership program that works to prepare students to be leaders in the school, community, and collegiate pursuits. Through academic enrichment, arts instruction, travel opportunities, health training, and character education, the Freedom Project seeks to help students open up the doors of opportunity and make the most of their freedom.

Fun Fact: Jeremiah walked and swam in the low-hanging cypress branches of Lake Washington to hunt and grab snakes. Twice. 

The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house
— Audrey Lorde
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